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Reclaim Your Social Life By Renewing Your Hearing!

Reclaim Your Social Life, Renew Your Confidence

According to Harvard Health Publications , hearing loss can lead to greater social isolation, which is a risk factor for cognitive impairment and dementia. Social isolation tends to go hand-in-hand with depression and anxiety. By investing in your hearing, you can once again go out with friends and family without worrying about missing out on conversations.

Being unable to process what your loved ones are saying can be a strain on your relationships. Have you ever found yourself drawing away during family gatherings because you can't understand what everyone is saying? Do others seem to get impatient when you ask them to repeat what they said? Are phone calls to relatives a nearly impossible mission? By investing in your hearing, you can stay engaged with your family and friends. Join in on the conversation by going to your local SAHAC Clinic today to find the best hearing plan for you!


It is interesting that Harvard has found that loss in hearing in people would want to isolate themselves more. I believe it though. My mom has always had trouble hearing most of her life. As she got older she would tend to stay to herself and would not want to talk to others because she could not hear very well. Recently, she got hearing aids and was amazed of what she could hear. She seems to be happier with herself and have more friends then ever before. I am happy to see her self-esteem improve.
by Nancy Jorden May 18, 2015 at 10:19 AM
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