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Sign Up for Our 10 Day Hearing Challenge!

Do you have trouble hearing the television at a moderate volume? Do you consistently ask others to “speak up” or “come closer?” Have you considered getting a hearing aid, but were reluctant to get a bulky or obvious device? We need you to take the 10 Day Challenge!

Sound Advice Hearing Aid Centers wants patients in Delaware and Maryland to evaluate its most popular device, the Dream Micro. This 100% digital hearing device is nearly invisible to the naked eye, and delivers crisp, clean sound to help hearing loss patients enjoy clearer speech and identify even the faintest noises.

The Dream Micro will be provided to patients for ten days free of charge. As a bonus, the first 100 participants enrolled will receive a free cordless phone that streams sound directly to your hearing aid. All participants are also qualified to receive a free hearing evaluation from the hearing specialists at Sound Advice.

How Can I Participate?

It’s easy! Simply fill out the contact form on this page or call (888) 262-2613 to make an appointment at your preferred Sound Advice Hearing Center location today. There’s no risk and plenty of benefits, so sign up for the 10 Day Challenge today!

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