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Take Control of Your Condition With a FREE Hearing Screening!

Hearing ScreeningAt Sound Advice Hearing Aid Centers, we know that early treatment is key to preventing permanent hearing loss and its effects. That is why we offer free hearing screenings for patients in Delaware and Maryland. Simply fill out the contact form below, or call 888-262-2613 to set up your appointment. 

How Can a Hearing Screening Help Me?

Hearing loss happens gradually, and often takes people by surprise. By submitting to a hearing test, you can prevent further sensory loss, understand the extent of your condition, and find out if there is a treatment that could greatly improve the quality of your life.

  1. Why should I do it? There are no downsides to taking a free hearing exam, but a few of the benefits include talking about your condition with a professional, getting a baseline reading to track changes in your hearing later on, and starting treatment before your condition gets any worse.
  2. What can I expect? At your free hearing screening, you will sit in a soundproof room and take a series of tests. Your hearing specialist will bring you a printout of your results, explain what they mean, and recommend a course of treatment. You can also ask any questions you may have on taking care of your ears or improving your condition.
  3. Is it really free? Yes. Your screening and test results are provided to you free of charge.

Many of our patients report that treating a hearing condition changed their lives for the better. In fact, most of them wonder why they waited so long to take the first step! Our friendly hearing care professionals are waiting to meet you and walk you through the screening process. Meet some of our staff now:

Lisa Barrett Jaime Teves
Lisa Barrett Jaime Teves
Steve Perrino Kathleen Pollard
Steve Perrino Kathleen Pollard


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