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A major public health issue, Hearing Loss is the third most common physical condition after arthritis and heart disease. It is an invisible condition and because the presence of a hearing loss are not visible; the results of these invisible effects can be interpreted negatively by others who may consider you aloof, confused, or unengaged.

Wearing hearing aids can help you take back control of your life. Conversations are easier for you to follow and it is easier to join in with confidence. Did you know that many users experience a positive impact on their relationships when they start using hearing aids; consequently, 70 percent of users become more outgoing after they started using hearing aids?

Consider this.  Recent developments in hearing aid technology will improve your hearing at Delmarva restaurants and noisy environments.  Also, you will not miss a word while watching TV or talking on the telephone.

Furthermore, the consequences of untreated hearing loss will negatively impact every facet of your life. More often than not severe tinnitus (or ringing in the ears) will also accompany the hearing loss and could be just as debilitating as the hearing loss itself. Getting treatment early is the key to slowing the deterioration of your hearing and getting the most out of your East Coast lifestyle, whether it be in Maryland or Delaware.

Recognize the Signs of Hearing Loss…

  • Asking family and friends to repeat themselves
  • Frequently asking others to speak up
  • Watching people's faces when they speak in order to read lips
  • Having difficulty following conversations with more than one other person
  • Insisting that others are mumbling or not speaking clearly
  • “Ignoring” direct questions in noisy situations (such as restaurants or shopping malls)
  • Having difficulty hearing children and grandchildren
  • Keeping the TV or stereo at a high volume
  • Responding too loudly when addressed
  • Complaining of a ringing in the ears

Untreated Hearing Loss Linked to Depression and Social Isolation

According to a major new study, untreated hearing loss has serious emotional and social consequences. This study debunks the myth that untreated hearing loss…is a harmless condition," said James Firman, EdD, president and CEO of The National Council on the Aging. The survey of 2,300 hearing impaired adults age 50 and older found that those with untreated hearing loss were more likely to report depression, anxiety and paranoia; therefore, they were less likely to participate in organized social activities, compared to those who wear hearing aids.

Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in Delaware and Maryland. There are several million Americans living on the eastern seaboard, who are over the age of 65 and who have a hearing loss severe enough to require a hearing device. Sadly, only about two out of five older Americans with hearing loss, as well as, one out of seven middle-aged Americans with hearing loss use a hearing aid!

Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss

The survey found that significantly more people with untreated hearing loss, who do not wear hearing aids, reported feelings of sadness or depression that lasted two weeks or more during the previous years.

Another measure of emotional distress is the perception that "other people get angry at me for no reason," which psychologists often identify as an indicator of paranoia, but this distress is often likely to be the result of the frustration caused by not being heard.

Because social isolation is a serious problem for some older people, the study also examined social behavior and found that people who do not use hearing aids are considerably less likely to participate in social activities. Among respondents with more severe hearing loss, 42 percent of hearing aid users participate regularly in social activities compared to just 32 percent of non-users.

Untreated Hearing Loss May Also Cause…

  • Frustration at the inability to hear what others are saying
  • Annoyance at others for not speaking loudly or clearly
  • Withdrawal from conversations and large groups
  • Avoidance of social situations that used to be enjoyed
  • Becoming nervous when meeting new people
  • Anxiety when leaving the house
  • Fear of being forced to move into long-term care to receive extra help

Benefits of Treatment

Hearing aid users report vast improvements in many areas of their lives, everything from their relationships at home and sense of independence to their social and intimate life. In fact, in 60 percent of cases, the friends and families of new hearing aid users agree that their relationships have significantly improved. 

Our Hearing Specialists Help Patients Live Longer, Fuller Lives

Hearing problems can arise for a number of reasons. Some patients have a family history of hearing loss, others have an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes, that causes hearing loss effects, and many are suffering due to a lifetime of exposure to loud noises. For many of our patients, hearing loss is a degenerative condition that only gets worse with time.  Hearing loss must not be left untreated.

At Sound Advice Hearing Aid Centers, we know that speech and sounds are necessary for patients to interact with their environments. Our Maryland hearing specialists help patients avoid hearing loss complications such as dementia and falls, allowing them to keep their independence and maintain their quality of life.

Here are just a few ways our hearing health providers can help:

  • Hearing Testing  Your ears are just as important as any other part of your body, and should be tested at least once a year. Our hearing specialists have a variety of diagnostic testing equipment in our offices, including video otoscopes, live speech mapping, and hearing loss simulation to determine what is causing your condition and which device would be best for you.
  • Hearing Devices  We offer a wide variety of styles to ensure that your device will be uniquely suited to your needs. Whether it is a behind-the-ear model, a custom-fitted in-the-ear device, or an entirely in-the-canal model, we offer easy financing and make the transition smooth and comfortable. We also have a number of accessories that work with your new device to help you hear things beyond the range of most devices, such as wireless phone and TV connections.
  • Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance. We are happy to perform regular maintenance on your device, including cleaning and testing, to make sure you are getting the best possible performance out of your hearing device. We also perform repairs on all of the top hearing aid brands, including Widex, Oticon, Siemens, MicroTech, ReSound, and more. No matter where you purchased your device, we can service, reprogram, and repair your hearing aid to help you get the most out of your device.
  • Tinnitus Evaluation and Relief. Many hearing loss patients suffer from tinnitus, a persistent ringing or buzzing in the ears. Our specialists determine the cause of your tinnitus in order to find the most effective treatment, allowing you to experience quiet for the first time in years.

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With hearing centers across Maryland and Delaware, hearing problems are easily resolved. Call the toll-free number on this page to ask one of our highly trained professional about our testing procedures, hearing aid options and available financing to get you or your loved one back into the conversation and to enjoy the Delmarva lifestyle. Click the contact link on this page or use our live chat feature to set up an appointment today. You’re going to love the way you hear again!

Your Needs & Our Services

Hearing Testing and Screening Hearing Testing and Screening

Want to know if your hearing aid is working properly? Not sure how much of your hearing has been lost? Our full-service hearing lab offers a wide range of diagnostic tests to determine the cause of your hearing loss and help you choose the device that will restore your hearing ability and give you your life back.

Hearing Aid Devices Hearing Aid Devices

Many hearing aid suppliers are only interested in selling you a device and pushing you out the door. At Sound Advice Hearing Aid Centers, we take the worry out of finding the perfect hearing aid. Our hearing specialists consult with you to find a device that fits your ear, condition, and lifestyle. We also make regular adjustments and modifications to your device, allowing you to hear better, longer.

Hearing Aid Repair Hearing Aid Repair

Most patients can forget that they are wearing a hearing aid—that is, until the device stops working. At Sound Advice Hearing Aid Centers, we perform regular maintenance and inspections on your device to keep it working perfectly, and can repair broken or damaged devices to save you the cost of buying a new hearing aid.

Tinnitus Evaluation and Relief Tinnitus Evaluation and Relief

For people who are suffering from tinnitus, a hearing aid may be beneficial in more ways than one. Tinnitus is a constant noise that only the patient can hear, causing distraction, interrupted sleep patterns, and other life disturbances. Our hearing specialists can perform audio testing to diagnose and treat your tinnitus, relieving the stress of your condition.